Lauren Grondski is a South Florida divorce lawyer who is experienced in modification. When you are asking the court to change a current court order or Final Judgment that is already in place, you must file a Supplemental Petition for Modification. Depending on whether it is a modification of child support, alimony, or child custody different elements must be proved, but all rely on the premise that there has been a substantial change in circumstances since entry of the order or Final Judgment

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Do you really want to keep the vacation condo on the beach? Well if your worse half does too, you will need a Miami lawyer experienced in negotiations and settlements to try and save your little piece of mind...



Time sharing of children following divorce can be tricky. This Fort Lauderdale area family law attorney can represent you in negotiation and settlement of any parental rights issues, child time sharing issues and visitation rights from Palm Beach to Boca to Fort Lauderdale, all the way down to Miami.



Sometimes it's difficult for parents going through divorce to step back and realize how the children are being affect. By choosing an experienced South Florida divorce attorney like Lauren, you can rest assured that an objective and independent eye will be watching your back and making sure you don't leave your kids  out in the cold.